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Imagine you're trapped in an elevator with me. Here's what I scream at you as we go down:

A CMI chartered marketer with experience cross-industries and throughout B2B and B2C, I've seen firsthand how marketing typically gets overcomplicated.

Whether your buyer is a single mum of 2 or the Secretary of Defence, the rules are pretty straightforward - prove value.

Every buyer on planet earth (for now) has a human brain and its here that I apply my background in Consumer Behaviour to inform pricing, messaging and the channel principles you execute against.


Back in the good ol' days of brick and mortar, people considered the front window of a store as so important that they'd create pretty displays - sometimes spending tens of thousands to improve first impressions and draw in customers.

Today, your website plays that role. Yet I frequently work with brands that just haven't gotten around to fixing theirs, and aren't even sure where to begin.

Worse yet, it's pretty tough to find an honest agency that will provide a good response first time around, without spending an arm and a leg.

I mix experience leading new website projects for multi-billion dollar companies with first-hand HTML, CSS and JS skills to launch top-notch websites on low-notch budgets.


Steve Jobs is famously credited with saying "it's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy" and whilst I don't condone poking out one of your eyes and strapping on an eyepatch - salient difference to your competitors is, in the vast amount of cases, good for business.

I'm a big believer in data-led decision making and the today's world of binge-consumption makes inexpensive, speedy secondary research more important than ever. Want to find out where your primary customer segment shops? Easy.

The tougher part is understanding the commercial strengths and weaknesses of your business model. Who are your least price sensitive customers? What is your entry product and why? What is your customer lifetime value?

It's all of these answers that I help businesses with with a mix of primary and secondary research. Where tracking isn't in place I can advise on best practice too.


Strategising alone though, won't pay the bills.

One of my strengths as a freelancer is my itching tendency to get sh*t done. Forget wasting 6 months recruiting and training an in-house role - I help brands execute their strategies at speed, collecting learnings along the way. I *always* make these learnings available to clients no matter what happens.

The hope being that at the end you can say "hey, this marketing thing is really effective - let's invest more than we'd planned" and we disappear into the sunset together.

"... an absolute pleasure to have in my team over the last year. He is a highly talented individual who is able to learn quickly, develop new skills and apply them to deliver against real business issues. He is smart, committed, passionate and collaborative. He has a 'can do' attitude and always gives his best... an asset to any team and business"

Zoe Ruffels CMRS
Global head, Vp consumer & busin..

"... always willing to put in the time and effort to get campaigns live at short notice while never compromising on the quality of work. He isn't fazed by the fast pace of Samsung and works well with others, building strong rapports internally and with agency teams. Ant's briefs are clear, and in tune with both the priorities of the business and the customer experience."

Sophie Knight
Senior account manager @ Havas H..

"Anthony's passion for finding the right solution, no matter the problem or objective, is what makes him stand out from the crowd. His drive to succeed has complimented the Shephard team exponentially over the past 15 months and he will be a huge asset to any business that listens to the exceptional ideas he has to offer"

Louis Puxley
Senior commercial Manager @ Shep..

"Ant led the project seamlessly and always delivered as promised. The end result was a great looking brand and concise messaging, his focus supported with growth in a new sector, leading to a campaign which delivered results."

Carly Koch
Strategic Alliance Manager @ Tuum

"...we 10x our reach and doubled our social engagement rate - at the same time, he led us through a complete company rebrand. This was not only hugely complex but he delivered it on time and to the original budget."

Sam Phin
/Let's make some magic/

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